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Pinhoti Trail

Length of trail: 86 miles

Time to complete trail: varies

Description: A moderate trail for hikers. Trail can be hiked in different amounts of time depending where you start. There are three shelters spaced out along the trail and camping is allowed the trail itself. Designated campsites are taken on a first come first serve basis. A Pinhoti Trail patch is available.
Activities: There are various waterfalls along the trail including lakes and streams. There is also several historic sites such as a cemetery and church.

For further information contact:

Talledega National Forest
District Ranger
1001 North Street
Talledega, Alabama 35160

For awards contact:

Mrs. Lucille Morgan
Cleburn County Library
P.O. Box 428
Heflin, Alabama 36264 

This page produced and edited by the Order of the Arrow, Yustaga 385. Gulf Coast Council, Boy Scouts of America.

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